Young STEM Expo Reflection

Whew! it's been two months since our last post and we are so sorry for the delay. But have no fear! Pinch is back with a very different blog post for the month. Earlier in the month of November, we had the pleasure of being asked to present at the Young STEM Exposition. It was such an honor to share the wonderful world of graphic design with the next generation of thinkers and doers. In this post, we will highlight the events from the expo and identify some cools apps to get your children’s creative juices flowing.


The Young STEM Expo was held at a local elementary school in Baltimore, MD. Local author Tracy B. Jones set up this expo based on her first children’s book, Careers in STEM: A-Z.  There were multiple stations set up and the children could visit each to learn more about the careers in STEM. Naturally, Pinch had its own station littered with design books and other items that we have created in addition to all the tools needed to make design possible. To engage the kids, we created an activity that allowed them to explore their own creativity and use technology to bring their vision to life. Using our iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, the our young designers could color in the first initial of their name with patterns found in the app called Procreate (examples to the left). This station was a big hit! It was truly a pleasure to plant a seed of creativity in the minds of young people. 

Some of the children that visited the station had never heard of graphic design, yet they took a real interest in the activity we provided. If you are looking to introduce your child to graphic design or if your child is already interested in design, look into these apps to help foster his/her creativity on a technological level: 

Procreate: allows users to create from scratch as a real designer. LINK

Coloring Book for Me: allows users to color in pictures digitally (like a virtual coloring book) LINK

Kids Doodle: allows users to draw with neon colors to add flair to their creations. (Think of a light bright coloring book) LINK

Also, if you are interested in other careers in the STEM field, grab a copy of the children’s book, Careers in STEM for A-Z by Tracy B. Jones HERE

Here at Pinch, we believe that the nurturing of creativity should start early in life. Creativity doesn’t only breed great designers and artist but also great problem solvers and thinkers. In this new digital age, it is important to merge traditional art form with the digital to breathe new life into art. Be sure to look into local STEM events in your area. We just might see you and your young designer there!