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We are 8 months into 2018 and things are just starting to heat up! Lately, PDC has had an influx of website design request and thought it would be helpful to discuss some essentials needed to create an amazing, user friendly site. Our CEO, Chardee' Scott, is currently working towards certification in User Experience so that kind of makes us knowledgeable now – right? When potential readers and/or customers visit your site, you want them to have a great experience. This will ultimately promote more views, sales and returning traffic. We wanted to highlight some key essentials needed to ensure your sites survival!

1. Necessary Information ONLY

Of course, you want your viewer to be well informed but they don't need a whole thesis on why you started your blog or business. The key is to share digestible bits of information so as to not overwhelm them. Short blurbs or bullet points about you, your company and services are effective methods.

2. Navigation

It's no point in having information on your site if your audience can't get to it. A clear navigation should lead your viewer through your site with ease. Small bits of information should be available on your home page with direct links to the full page for those who want to learn more.  

3. Contact Information

Nothing is more frustrating than visiting a site, needing to contact someone and having to search high and low for an email address or phone number. Your contact information should be in at least two locations. There should be a full contact page as well as contact information at in bottom footer of your site. This ensures your visitor has access to you no matter what page they are on.

4. Social Media

Social media platforms have the ability to connect you/your company to people all around the world. It is imperative for  growth that sharing capabilities be integrated into your site. Viewers should also be able to connect with you via social media. Your audience will find comfort in the transparency and access!

5. Mobile Friendly

Everyone is on the go these days. Having a website that looks great on any mobile device (smart phone/tablet) will ensure people can view your content or products anywhere! We love Squarespace because all of their sites are responsive to any device the site is viewed on. A responsive site means the site will resize based on the device’s dimensions (large = desktop, small = mobile phone).

PDC believes these 5 are the MOST important however, there are other features we want to highlight:

6. Picture/ Product Quality: please visit June's blog post, Picture Perfect  

7. FAQ Section

8. A User Friendly Design/ Style (That’s where PDC comes in!)

9.  A Newsletter Sign-Up

10. Great Web-Hosting  (a platform the houses your website i.e. Squarespace, Wix and Wordpress)

You now have the secrets to a successful website!

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