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Hello all! New month, new blog post! In the ever growing digital age, capturing hilarious moments, delicious meals and precious memories is at an all-time high. With the surge of social media platforms ( i.e. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter), ones visual representation online is more important than ever before. Companies have invested hundreds, if not thousands, into photographers, product shoots and advertising. This is all done to entice a future customer to visit their site and/or purchase their product. Taking a page from their marketing book could in turn help you to grow your business. This month, we would like to discuss professional pictures and, photo quality and how the extra expense can be worth the investment.

When PDC was gearing up to launch back in 2015, we made the decision to invest in professional photos for our website and marketing. We wanted to put our best foot forward as we embarked down the path of entrepreneurship. We now strongly suggest the same for you! In the world of business and marketing, LOOKS DO MATTER! Let’s be honest, we have all stumbled across a site that looked "suspicious" and were hesitant to do business with them. To date, we have had the pleasure of designing several sites for many business owners wanting to take their brand to the next level. They have made the decision to invest in a logo and/or website design. However, some neglected the photography aspect. We understand that marketing can be quite pricey but some photographers may be willing to negotiate their price for repeat business. Just ASK! Of course, in some aspects it is more convenient to grab your iPhone and best-friend to take some shots. We have done that too. However, we recommend finding a quality photographer for something as important as starting/growing your multimillion dollar business.  Remember that if you half-do something, you could cut your profits by half too.  

It’s not enough to simply have pictures on your site. Pictures of high QUALITY should be present. Blurry or grainy pictures are unacceptable. Photos lacking in quality give the impression that your product or service is lacking in that same quality. We just launched a client’s revamped candle company website, Passport Seven. The Owner had invested in such beautiful lifestyle, product photos to be featured on the new site. As we were designing her site, we noted how much the photos enhanced everything. Suddenly, the colors worked harmoniously, creating this light airy feeling. Her logo stood out more, which really solidified the brand in our mind. Her product shot made us want to purchase all of her inventory. That is what you want! We suggest visiting her site to see the quality content you should strive for.

We took our first set of professional branding photos in the fall of 2015. We are now preparing for our next set (a little overdue, might we add). That means we have gotten almost 3 years out of our current marketing material. At the time, we had no idea how successful our business would become. We had no idea if people were going to visit our site. Everything was unknown. However, we knew we would have a better chance if we dressed the part, so to speak. Having profited off of the professional photos, we can now appreciate the investment. As mentioned above, grabbing your phone and taking a snap at your favorite coffee shop working away to post on your social media is fine. Not EVERY photo has to be taken professionally. However, knowing when to invest in quality photos is key. 

In short, YES, professional photos are very important when it comes to guiding buyers/viewers your way. Photos catch their eye and peak their curiosity regarding your company. However, unattractive photos can have an adverse effect. If you aren't photo savvy, find someone who is and get their option. You don't want to spend all this time, effort and money on your branding collateral, website and products just to have them advertised poorly. INVEST!


We wanted to take the time to list a few photographers who work we admire and recommend:

Megapixels Media: http://megapixelsmedia.com/

Glen Washington Photo: https://glennwashington.com/

Drayton Media: https://draytonmedia.com/

Temilola Ajibulu Photo + Cinema: https://www.temilola.photo/

Mama Photog: https://www.mamaphotog.com/

Donovan Eaton Photography: https://donovaneatonphotography.com/

-Peace from Pinch


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