This Work Ain't Free!

Gasp! It has been almost 4 months since our last blog post! We are now back and ready to hit you all with a controversial post! If you haven't heard Kendrick Lamar's hit record For Free? I suggest you exit this post. go listen and come back. We will wait...... back? Okay, great! Lets continue. King Kendrick basically rattles off a whole bunch of actions, cultural events and life scenarios that have come with a "price". In some instances he wasn't referring to an actual dollar figure but more so the time, energy or mental sacrifice that was made. After listening to this song recently, we couldn't help but to add designing to his list. We have been designing for almost 10 years now and have heard our fair share of, "Can you please whip up this quick flyer?" or "It won't take you too long to design this simple logo." Sure, we might be able to "whip" that up for you but at what cost? Many people aren't truly aware of how much time and effort go into designing your "simple" flyer. Just because it doesn't cost you (at the time) doesn't mean it doesn't come with a price to someone. So before you go to your designer (or anyone, for that matter) asking for a free service, keep the following in mind because This Work Ain't Free!

First, the person this could cost is you, the client. A few months ago a client came to us for a few apparel designs. During our discovery stage, we realized that they first needed an actual company logo first. The client had rushed past a step and we urged them to backtrack. How can you sell apparel without a company name and logo? They ended up seeking their logo design services from another designer and came back to show us once it was completed. We noticed that the font was/is heavily used in the fitness world and it truly lacked originality. All we did was a simple google fitness search and up popped multiple logos with the same font. This ultimately cost the client the time and money. Think about the time it would take getting that pervious logo created as well as money for the both the old and new logo that was commisioned. Neither of which can be refunded. This Work Ain't Free!

Requests, like the ones mentioned in the beginning of this post, cost your Designer. The time spent "whipping up" your last minute addition is time that could have been spent on another project. We aren't saying never ask for an additional service; however, just be mindful of the amount of work that goes into your project. Don't devalue the work when you aren't aware of how much it takes to make it. For example, that simple flyer you are requesting? The Designer would have to look for free stock photos (if none are provided), come up with the language for the event (if no specifics are given), create an enticing layout, select corresponding fonts and pick an appropriate color palette. In addition, you must consider all of the time needed to revise the flyer once the first draft is sent to you. Your "simple" flyer request could easily take a few days depending on your feedback and response time at best. Thus, costing the designer time, energy and even money. This Work Ain't Free! 

Again, we aren't discouraging you from requesting a service. You never know what a designer is willing to do for their loyal customers. However, understanding the value of said service is imperative to building a healthy working relationship. Ultimately, the Designer won't feel taken advantage of and the client will have a better appreciation for the work they are receiving to further their dream.

-Peace from Pinch