Baby + Branding


After a little more than a four month break, the Pinch Pantry is back open and ready to whip up a hot dish. As you may know, Pinch's CEO, Chardee', recently welcomed her first child, Ava, and took a little break to enjoy her bundle. However, the time has come for her to get back into the swing of things and resume all aspects of Pinch, including the blog. We believe Beyonce said it best- "Strong enough to bare the children, then get back to business." Naturally, this month, we would like to discuss how she is running a design company while keeping a tiny human alive and happy. We will let her tell you about it all. This should be an entertaining blog to say the least! 



Pinch welcomed it's new "Design Assistant" on May 13th and let's just say she has changed the game completely. Growing a design company while maneuvering through motherhood has become the balancing act of all time. There have been some very long days/nights and many times where I have reached the "HOW SWAY?!?!" moment. However, almost 3 months in, I am starting to get the hang of it. We want to share just a few tips for juggling baby, branding, and boss mood.

Design time has been integrated into baby time. My new routine to get work accomplished includes sitting on the bed. While mommy is busy answering emails, working on projects and promoting the company, Ava is watching something educational to stimulate her little mind. It is important to me that I nurture her creativity and encourage learning at this early age. It's a win-win! Baby is entertained and quiet and mommy can get some work done in peace. Of course that doesn't always work so seamlessly (as I am are typing this post, Ava gave the distress call for needing a fresh pamper) but setting a routine is important for both parties.

I can't close up shop just because I have a baby. Branding and promoting Pinch is an around-the-clock job. We have been working on creating new content to post and learning new design tricks to meet the expectations of our clientele. Having a great support system has made this transition a little easier. From grandparents to friends, I have so many people to lean on in the event that a business meeting or emergency design project pops up.


I take great pride in being a Girl Boss. Putting in the work needed to grow a great company and expand our clientele drives me each day to do what I do. Becoming a Mother has only added fuel to the fire. The burning desire to show Ava that she can have any and everything she wants if she works for it is a new mission. If you can't get into a lane in the world, make one (Ava is crying now because she lost her pacifier and cant find it. lol). Multitasking Momma here. Prayerfully, by setting the standard, Ava will follow in my footsteps and realize her full potential in her chosen career path.

Whew! Who knew typing a post while tending to a new bundle would be this rough but we made it! By sharing a little insight into our new office life, we hope we have encouraged other Girl Bosses to incorporate baby while branding their companies. It won't be easy but it will be all worth it in the end!

Wow! Thank you Chardee' for being candidly honest about your transition to motherhood. We know it hasn't been easy but we are here to help! Stay tuneD for our next blog post! Ciao!