The PDC 2017 Recap

Wow, another year under our belt. It's hard to believe that Pinch is coming up on it's 2nd business anniversary! By all accounts, we had a good 1st year and an even better 2nd year!! We wanted to take the time to highlight some key projects that made our year extra special and share a few new plans for 2018. Let's Jump in!

This year, PDC had its first company collaboration with the awesome 120 Design Studio. 120 Design is headed by Lead Designer Marshall Fox who has been a close friend of ours for some years. We lent our design talents for a few of their logo design projects. It was our first time partnering with another design company and, to be honest, we were nervous. PDC knows its clientele like the back of its hand and diving into another design agency's client pool gave us the jitters. However, we jumped right in! Looking back on the experience, we can truly say that this helped us grow as a company and as designers. We completed about 6 logos during our partnership. During the process, It was a little different having another designer critique our work. Every designer's eye is different, after all. However, Marshall provided great insight and even taught us a few tricks to ultimately become better at our craft. You are never too good for an old fashion critique and that growth as a designer is what it is all about!

In addition to the partnership, Pinch expanded our services to include web design! This was a long time coming since, in 2016, we didn't offer web services. We wanted to be a one-stop shop for our clients. Keeping all branding (i.e. logo, brand collateral and website) with one design company ensures consistency. We wanted to provide that to our clients; thus, PDC Web was born. We absolutely love Squarespace! They hold the PDC site and, with a personal testimony, we recommend it to our clients. So far, we have fully designed 6 sites and are currently working on 2 more. In 2018, we hope to expanded our design capabilities to other web platforms and partner with a web developer to do more custom sites.

Lastly, our new clients have made this year unbelievably successful! This year we had our first international client from St. Marten, our first mid-size corporate company and we even provided infographics for the National Resource Center on ADHA! It is truly a blessing to design for so many different people and companies. No matter the field, we all have one common goal - to make an impact in this world. We are truly thankful that our designs can assist in those missions. This year, we have worked with people from beauty brands, churches, musicians, fitness centers, event planning and more! We wouldn't be where we are without them and/or you, our potential client!

For 2018 PDC has updated our Website and Media Guide - out with the old and in with the new! We will be making a few more changes through-out the new year also!  2017 has been so kind to us and we are looking forward to what 2018 holds for Pinch Design Co.!

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