Color Me Intentionally


We are back! Last month, we lightly discussed colors and their part in logo designs. This month, we want to expand upon that topic and make sure you choose colors with a purpose. If you start a business, it is natural to choose your favorite color to represent your brand. However, you must be aware of the mood that color projects to your potential clients. Understand what each color means and be intentional in your selections. 

Red: Bold, Daring and Passionate. Red is an intensely fierce color with high visibility. With the same attention-seeking properties as yellow, red is used in a lot of food chains logos. Just think, if red means stop and you see a restaurant with a red logo, your mind thinks, “oh let’s STOP here for a bite to eat!”


Orange: Playful, Youthful, and Unique. Just think - no word in the English language rhymes with “orange”. Many brands targeting children tend to pick orange due to its friendly vibe.


Yellow: Eye-catching, Cheerful and Energetic. Yellow is one of our company colors and those are some of the reasons why we chose it. You will find yellow in logos with more of a carefree spirit. 


Green: Natural, Serene, and Balanced. Green is the color of trees, which provide life-sustaining oxygen. In addition to giving off the earthly vibe, green is the color of money. Quite a few financial institutions use the color green to signify cash. 


Blue: Calming, Peaceful and Serene. In logos, blue is said to project a sense of dependability, sociability and cleanliness. In addition, most men gravitate to blue. (Not to mention that blue is our favorite color!)


Purple: Royal, Radiant and Ravishing. Purple has been used to indicate luxury and opulence. Light shades have been deemed more feminine and are linked to spirituality. 


Black: Sleek Elegance, Timeless Appeal and Authority. Black is everyone's happy neutral. Many fashion brands opt for the color. It is direct and gets the point across immediately. 

Of course there are exceptions to the rules but knowing how your brand color will effect your target audience will help drive business. Mixing the colors correctly can help you stand out from the crowd and create a design that will appeal to all. Trust us, this is another key you need on your ring! 

- Peace from Pinch