You're Such A Vibrant Thang!


Hey everyone! 

The Pinch Pantry is open again to share the details behind this fun logo we just created! While creating this logo, a few techniques were used and we would like to share how all of the components came together!


Pinch Design Company's site launched January 16th of this year and this client couldn't wait to get started on branding for her new makeup artistry. She was fun and energetic and her brand needed to be the same. With ideas in mind, this was sure to be a treat! Based off of our consult, we needed to combine both realistic facial features into a flat design. I hadn't used this technique since my early design years but I was ready to brush the dust off. 


For this project I used both Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. I creating the face first in Photoshop and then built upon the base in Illustrator. Doing so took some time but I believe that marrying the two worked out perfectly! The client requested bright colors and, as a personal touch, I selected brushes that would give a realistic foundation smear - a little nod to her expertise. 


Overall this was a fun, unexpected challenge. Being a designer you have to be able to learn on the fly and rise to any design challenge. It feels great to deliver exactly what our client wanted! 


-Peace from Pinch