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The Sass Online is a style and celebrity blog ran by two classy and sassy women. After having operated for about 2 years, it was time for the blog's logo to be revamped. The Sass needed a more sleek and contemporary look so I was called in to handle the job! This rebrand is very special for me because i designed the original logo. In this blog post, we will discuss the original design, the new design and how it felt to revise my own design.

Brittany & Tiffany, The Sass creators, reached out to me about 2 years ago in need of a bold, classy and sassy design that embodied their personalties and the blog. After our initial consultation, it was time to get to work. The look for the site was a little gritty and a lot of sass. They were more interested in a text based design than a logo element. I pulled about 10 fonts that fit the bill and we found a winner. From there, it was time to add color and depth. The color palette was red and black. The key was to create a harmonious design with 2 very powerful colors that each demand attention. After a few rounds of revisions, The Sass Online had a face that was bold, sassy and fresh!

Change is enviable and The Sass was no exception. Recently, The Sass reached back out to me wanting to revamp the brand clear across the board. I was more then happy to assist them with this process, naturally. They still wanted to use the same color palette. However, they wanted a more streamline design. The 3 C’s were used during this design upgrade: clean, contemporary and classic. During our consultation, the ladies wanted to introduce an element into the logo. We discussed that a pair of lips would be fitting since they are always sharing the new hot topics and style trends. Much like the first consult, I provided a few font choices and built from there. Once the font was chosen, the design took place and the lip graphic was added. I then provided a few different designs incorporating the lips and one was selected. From start to finish, the concept was clear and that made for a smooth revamp. 


Previous Logo Design

Previous Logo Design

As I stated before, I designed their first log and essentially created a second one. What I found most fascinating was seeing my own growth as a designer. As a designer, you should always be learning new skills and growing in your craft. It's just an understood rule. Growth is clearly evident when you look at both designs. Being trusted not only once but twice to create someone's vision is very honorable and I'm glad to have delivered twice.  

- Peace from Pinch