All You Need Is A PINCH!


Lets kick off this first blog post with the story behind the Pinch Design Brand. Pinch Design wasn't always known as such. After college my freelance brand was named Free Spirited Studios. Why FS Studios you may wonder? Well, I was a young adult, fresh from college and the name was fitting at that time. I think I re-branded about 2 or 3 times but wasn't pleased for long. The overall look and feel just wasn't what I envisioned in the long-term. After about 5 years I decided it was time for a total revamp!  As my knowledge and skill grew, the look and feel of my company did too. I knew the time was now to take my brand to the next level. Thus Pinch was born!

 You can ask any designer and they will say their toughest client is themselves. Truer words have never been spoken. With this re-brand I knew I had to design something that would withstand the test of time and have the ability to grow as I grew as a designer. From the handwritten letter, to the colors and even the overall look and feel is everything I have ever envisioned for my brand. So, lets break it down. I will be discussing how I choose the name, look and the creation behind it.

 It took about a year to come up with the name and direction for Pinch. Picking the name is the hardest part naturally. I wanted to make sure it was catchy yet, unique. Pinch, popped into my head and never left. Ultimately designing beautiful things was what I wanted to do, thus Pinch Design Co.! The tag line took about 4 months. That too had to be short, yet catch. The premise behind Pinch is simple, clean and effortless. The tag had to embody that. I ran a few names by some close friends but I knew none of them where winners. Sometimes when you take a step back from things can become clearer and one day BOOM, it hit me! Pinch Design Co. Where simplicity is key. It was catchy, straight to the point! Everything came full circle in that moment and I knew we had a winner!

Once the name was established it was time for design. I knew I wanted to use grey and golden yellow as my color palette. Golden Yellow is bright, fun and different  and grey is cool and classic. Paring them both together was a perfect storm for me. The logo needed  to contain clean lines. I picked a minimalistic font and played with color. Once the initial base design was established,  I knew it was still missing something. One day I was drawing in the note section on my phone. I drew the letter "P" really fast just playing around with hand lettering. I paused and stared at it. It was perfect and just what I  needed to enhance my logo! After that moment everything clicked! 

This rebrand showed me that sometimes a change is needed, less is more and the importance of following your gut. I'm beyond thrilled at the outcome of this design and even more elated to share it with you all. 

-Peace from Pinch